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Garden Fever

on February 13, 2012

About this time every year, I get spring fever. I’m sick of the snow and so ready to get back into the garden. As I write this, six or eight inches of snow remain on the ground. Because I can’t get in the ground and dig (or plant!) I have to settle for creating my new garden layout and buying seeds. My garden binder is on the table and I’ve been planning.

So far, my plans include:

  • Adding one or two new raised beds (to assist with draining and to create healthier soil)
  • Relocating an existing raised bed (Punkin decided it was a sand box and relocated the soil to other parts of the garden)
  • Purchasing garden soil from a rock company across the street (I need too much to purchase just a few bags from Lowes)
  • Growing some new veggies (and the old ones too)
  • Order seeds ASAP because March begins planting time in Denver!!!

So I’m excited about the new gardening season.  I’ll keep you posted!


2 responses to “Garden Fever

  1. Ashley says:

    One thing I am most excited for when we FINALLY settle down and get a home is for gardening! I mean, you have no idea. I feel like such an old person for getting excited about the amazing garden I will have one day! I am so with you!

    • Gardening is becoming increasing popular with all ages! Even my 3 year old is showing interest in it! You don’t need land to have a garden-you can use a container and plant some things (although I realize this could be difficult for you because you are moving so often right now).

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