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Spring is Here!!

on March 20, 2012

Yay!!  Spring has finally arrived and that means warmer weather, going for walks to the park, and getting in the garden!

I already have my onions in the ground and the garlic has been up for several weeks.  I even found my lone strawberry plant growing.   My mini rose bush is producing the most beautiful spring leaves.  But the most exciting thing about the garden this year is that Punkin is showing interest in helping.  So I let him help plant radish seeds in a container last week.  The other day I noticed the radishes coming up and asked Punkin what it was, and he exclaimed “A green thing!”  He doesn’t understand what that green thing will become but I think he’ll be so happy to see it grow into something he can eat.

Because of a temperature drop the past two days, we haven’t been outside.  But this weekend we’ll get our sugar snap peas, lettuce, spinach, and more onions in the ground.  This is my sixth year having a veggie garden and I still get excited to see that first bit of green coming up.  I’ve run out of words for now.  Let me know if you plan to have a garden this year!


One response to “Spring is Here!!

  1. seamistandmagnolias says:

    I love radishes, they germinate so quickly and are a good first plant for children to grow.
    And I don’t think gardeners ever tire of seeing those first little seedlings popping up every spring!

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