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Taking Care of Mom (That Means You!)

on April 10, 2012

Moms are really good at taking care of everyone.  We make sure our families are fed and clothed.  We make sure the house is cleaned, laundry is done, and dinner gets on the table every night.  But we often neglect ourselves.  I was reminded of this last week at an appointment with my allergy doctor.    While talking to her, I began to cry.  She handed me a tissue and told me what a great job I do taking care of two young kids.  She said she has one and couldn’t imagine having two kids so young.  Then she said it was time for me to start taking care of myself.  This isn’t a new revelation for me.  At my six-week postpartum checkup with Punkin, my OB told me that you can’t take care of anyone else unless you take care of yourself.  Obviously, I had forgotten what he told me.

As moms, we need to take care of ourselves!  We need to feel good about ourselves and keep our bodies healthy to meet the demands of everyday life.  So, how do we take care of ourselves?  We need to start by  making healthier eating choices and exercise

Part of taking care of ourselves includes exercise.   So I borrowed a Leslie Sansone DVD from the library.  It’s called A Closer Two Mile Walk.  I’ve used it several times and I love it. Exercise can give you more energy and improve your mood.  My doctor also suggested exercise to strengthen my immune system.  I have had a recurring sinus infection all winter.  So I need to help my body out a little bit.

In addition, I’m drinking more water.  I’m also trying to make healthier choices when I eat.   I’ve found that eating a lot of protein and carbs at breakfast helps me throughout the day.  Cereal is no longer a breakfast option for me, unless I’m eating Grape Nuts with my morning meal.  (Cheerios just don’t cut it for me- I’m hungry an hour later).  Eating eggs and whole grain toast with milk and fruit is more substantial for me.  It keeps me feeling full longer.   (I’m not on a diet; I’m just trying to make healthier choices in what I eat and drink everyday).

I think we also need to find some time for ourselves.  This is hard!!  Punkin seems to require almost constant attention and Baby Girl is only 11 months old and needs constant supervision.  So I need to figure this out.  (When I have an answer for you on this one, I’ll let you know! )

So let’s commit to taking care of ourselves.  Our bodies are the temple of the Lord and we should treat them well.  Thanks for reading! 



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