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Natural Weed Killer

on April 30, 2012

It’s inevitable.  Every spring, grass begins to grow, trees begin to bud, and weeds begin to pop up.  We usually spray with Round Up or something.  But I realize that my kids play in the yard (at least Punkin does) and I don’t want them near those harsh, man-made chemicals that usually don’t even work.  So here’s a trick to killing weeds that I learned about somewhere last year and then saw put into practice on TV last week.  Beware:   This mixture will kill anything it comes in contact with, so don’t use on your lawn or in a garden.  I use it on the weeds in the rocks that surround my yard and on cracks in the driveway.

Supplies:  (You will use Five parts water to one cup of salt)



Container to put mixture in

Directions:    Heat water on the stove until boiling.  Add Salt, stir, bring back to a boil.  Transfer water to an easy to pour container (I use a pitcher or something similar).  Take container with water and some additional salt to your weeds.  Slowly pour a small amount of water onto the weed until it wilts.  Then, pull up the weed and sprinkle a little salt where the weed was.  That should help kill the roots.  Repeat the process until you’ve pulled all of your weeds.

I did this last week, and so far, so good!  Weeds aren’t popping up but only time will tell if this method is a sure thing!


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