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Lettuce in Unexpected Places

on May 11, 2012

Several weeks ago, Punkin helped plant some lettuce seeds.  The next day I discovered that I’d forgotten to put the rest of the lettuce seeds away.   When I found the packet, it was empty-apparently Punkin thought more seeds needed to be planted.  The problem, however, was that I had no idea where the seeds were planted (or should I say dumped out).

While surveying my garden  a couple weeks later, I discovered lettuce growing among the onions.  I guess the wind blew some seeds and they took root there.  This makes me happy-I’d rather grow lettuce than worthless weeds.  I’ve also decided to begin interplanting lettuce and onions.  But this isn’t where the story ends.

We had Baby Girl’s first birthday party last Saturday and to prepare for it, I began pulling weeds in the backyard.  To my delight (and utter surprise), I discovered lettuce growing out of some cracks in our flagstone patio!

I decided not to pull the lettuce out of the patio.  I think it puts a great spin on Patio Gardening!


2 responses to “Lettuce in Unexpected Places

  1. Bahaha! That’s hilarious!! You have a green thumbed daughter. 🙂

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