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Friday Morning Adventure

on June 29, 2012

I woke up rested and had my to-do list ready.  After feeding the kids breakfast, we went to the backyard so they could play.  I noticed the rest of my onions were ready to be pulled so I got to work while Baby Girl played in the dirt and Punkin played with his basketball hoop.

I forgot to mention that we have a bird.  A cockateil named Harvey.  Punkin has a new-found interest in him.  I had let him out earlier in the day and forgot he was downstairs.

Anyway, while pulling onions, Punkin exclaims “Mommy, Harvey’s in the tree!”  I turned, not quite sure I heard right and sure enough, the bird decided to fly outside and join us.  He landed in a tree and I began to look for him.  Two hours later, I still don’t know which tree he is in (although I can hear him and I do know he is in a neighbor’s tree).  So our time has been spent trying to lure the bird back to our house.

I called my husband for advice and he said to call Petsmart.  First, I put the kids and the bird-cage in the mini-van and drove to the street behind us (yes, I drove-I couldn’t push a stroller, hold Punkin’s hand, and carry the bird-cage (in case we managed to get him).  Our neighbors weren’t home so we came home.  I decided to put Harvey’s cage in the backyard and hope that he would eventually return.  Then I called Petsmart for advice.  Their advice:  Put the cage outside with food and water in it and he will eventually return.  Oh, well.  I already did that.

So that’s where we’re at right now.  Waiting for Harvey to return home.   When he returns, I’ll be sure and let you know.  So for now, my to-do list is on hold.  Maybe I’ll get to it later.

UPDATE:    7/3/12

After a day of waiting for Harvey to return, I was certain he was gone.  But we took one last walk around the neighborhood Friday night and found him in a tree two streets over!  Imagine our joy when he responded to the sound of my voice and finally flew down!  I ran home-carrying him in my hands.  He’s safe in his cage once again!


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