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Enjoying the Simple Things

on July 10, 2012

Last night after dinner, I took Punkin to the park in his wagon.   There are two parks in our subdivision and we visited both.  On the way to the second park, Punkin suddenly exclaimed “Mommy, a dandelion!”  So I stopped the wagon and off he went to pick his treasure from the neighbor’s yard.  (Our neighbors don’t mind in the least-especially since the dandelion went to seed).  He got back in the wagon, blew the seeds off the stem, and threw the stem back on the ground.  And this continued all the way to the park.

I enjoyed watching him.  I remembered how I enjoyed doing the same thing as a child.  It was fun to remember!

He gets pleasure out of simple things.  Now I look at a dandelion and see a weed.  He looks at it and sees a pretty flower or a chance to blow the seeds around.   He also  notices the squirrel (jumpy squirrel, he calls them-from Curious George) climbing the fence or on a tree.  He notices the birds and trees.  He takes time to enjoy the things around him.

I wondered how many lessons I could learn from him.  Maybe I rush too often to notice the little things in life that can bring joy or excitement.

So let’s take time to notice the little things.   I think life will be a little happier taking time to  focus on the little, happy things instead of just the to-do list on my table.  It’s time to find a balance, don’t you think?


One response to “Enjoying the Simple Things

  1. seamistandmagnolias says:

    Yes, I am a firm believer in slowing down and taking time to notice the simple things. The everday things that seem so commonplace are true blessings from God. And these are precious times with your little ones…savor every moment. ~Ellan~

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