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My Bird Harvey

on July 19, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about my bird.  In that post, I told the story of Harvey flying out of the house (you can read that here).  Today’s post is also about my bird.

Harvey has been in my family since he was old enough to be taken from his mother.  He’s a 15-year-old cockatiel.  He was originally my sister’s bird.  She is younger than I am and when she left for college, she left him for me.  Thus, he became my bird.

He’s a good bird, although you’d better watch out-he can bite-HARD!!!  (My husband found that out the hard way while we were dating)!

Anyway,  over the course of the past several years (since Punkin was born) Patrick and I discussed finding a new home for Harvey.  I continued to put it off because I really didn’t want to let him go.

I gave half-hearted attempts at asking around but really made no efforts.  A couple of years ago, we found a handyman that does good work.   Patrick asked him if he wanted a bird.  He said he’d think about it.  Every time Mark came to do some work for us, Patrick asked if he found anyone that wanted a bird.  He hadn’t found a home for him but said he would continue asking around.

Last week, I finally found the courage to put an offer out on Freecycle.org.  I had one response but she never replied to my email.  So I thought I was off the hook!  No one wanted a bird, so we could keep him!

On Friday morning (7/13) the phone rang while I was cutting up chicken.  It was Mark, our handyman.  He had found a home for Harvey.  I began to cry (I didn’t want to on the phone, but I did).  He said his neighbor had several birds and wanted Harvey.  He could come pick him up right away.

The kids and I were getting ready to leave (we visit my husband at a mall nearby his work each week for lunch).  So I told him I would call when we got home.  I called my husband and told him about Harvey’s new home.  I needed some time for the news to sink in.  By the time we got home, I was ready to call Mark and have him pick Harvey up.  But, first, I had to take him to the vet (Harvey, not the handyman) because he had something stuck in his nose.  (By the way, the vet was able to remove the object although he wasn’t certain what it was).

Mark came around 6:30 Friday evening.  I carried Harvey outside (I took pictures and video earlier in the day) to his van and set Harvey down.  I had to walk away though-I was about to burst into tears.

So this post is to my bird Harvey, who is in a new home.  It was so hard for me to give him up, but it was the best thing for him.  Please pray that he adjusts well in his new home.  The vet explained to me that Harvey has to break his bond with me before he can bond with someone else.    It is still surreal to have Harvey gone.  I wondered why God chose last week to find a good home for him.  And God’s answer was clear:  It was the right timing.  The right person.  The right home.  And now it’s my job to let go of Harvey.



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