Garden and Canning, My Garden!

Garden Photos

Enjoy some photos of my garden:

My Best Garden Producer All Season
Radish seeds planted a few days ago are already germinating.
No Zucchini yet. But with a few weeks of warm weather left, I’m hopeful I’ll get a couple.
These tomaotes are a little late producing, but better late than never!
First Green Peppers of the Season
More Peppers
First Cucumber of the Season!


Thanks for allowing me to share my garden with you!  Enjoy your day!

Garden and Canning, My Garden!

Garden Update

My garden and I have two things in common right now.  We don’t like the very hot weather we’ve had.   We had several days of 100 degree plus temperatures last month.  And my tomatoes and peppers (along with the rest of the garden) went on strike.

Very hot temperatures cause plants to shut down.  So once the weather moderated, the plants began to recover.  But I still have only a single tomato growing on one plant (I have five plants).

Can you see it?  It’s very tiny!

                 These potato tops seem to be growing.  But I don’t know if there are any potatoes yet!

              And my zucchini isn’t growing very well.  It’s been like this for the past several weeks.

Have you harvested anything from your garden?

Garden and Canning, My Garden!

Garden Havest in June!

I can’t belive it’s already time to begin harvesting garlic and onions!  But over the past week or so, the tops on the onion began to fall over and change color.  The garlic leaves are turning brown and that means fresh garlic and onion!

                                                                                                                           Garlic                                                                                                                          Onions

Right now, they’re sitting on the patio table to dry out a little.  It will be over 100 degrees today so they won’t stay there too long.  I’ll probably put them on the front porch to protect them from the sun.  Once they’re completely dry (in a few days) I’ll store them!

I can’t wait to harvest more!  What have you harvested so far?

Garden and Canning, My Garden!

My Garden in Photos

Planting time arrived a couple of weeks ago.  (You can begin planting after Mother’s Day, but the last couple of years I’ve waited until Memorial Day to get started).  So here are some pics of my newly planted garden. 

In order, from top to bottom:   Basil in container, Half Runner Green Beans (Require no staking but I will offer them a little support),  Onions (some are starting to fall over!  Soon it will be time to harvest them),  Red Pepper Plant, Beef Steak Tomato, and a Cherokee Purple Tomato.  I’m excited about the Cherokee Purple Tomato.  It is an heirloom and I hope it produces well.

Did you plant a garden?  What’s in yours?

Garden and Canning, My Garden!

Lettuce in Unexpected Places

Several weeks ago, Punkin helped plant some lettuce seeds.  The next day I discovered that I’d forgotten to put the rest of the lettuce seeds away.   When I found the packet, it was empty-apparently Punkin thought more seeds needed to be planted.  The problem, however, was that I had no idea where the seeds were planted (or should I say dumped out).

While surveying my garden  a couple weeks later, I discovered lettuce growing among the onions.  I guess the wind blew some seeds and they took root there.  This makes me happy-I’d rather grow lettuce than worthless weeds.  I’ve also decided to begin interplanting lettuce and onions.  But this isn’t where the story ends.

We had Baby Girl’s first birthday party last Saturday and to prepare for it, I began pulling weeds in the backyard.  To my delight (and utter surprise), I discovered lettuce growing out of some cracks in our flagstone patio!

I decided not to pull the lettuce out of the patio.  I think it puts a great spin on Patio Gardening!

Garden and Canning, My Garden!

Early Spring Garden Pictures

I finally accomplished a goal that’s been on my to -do list for several weeks.  I finally started my seeds!  Today, I’d like to share some pics of what’s trying to grow in my garden.  There’s not much to these pics but I get so excited every time I see that first sign of life in a container I’ve planted or when I see my garlic coming up.

Garlic coming up after sitting in the ground all winter.   🙂

Carrots seeds that Punkin wanted to plant after watching Curious George plant carrots.

Radish seeds that just germinated.  Can you see them?  They’re very small!

Finally!  Here is my seed starting tray with tomatoes, peppers (sweet and hot), basil, parsley, and dill.  I’ll add melons in another few weeks.

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Spring is Here!!

Yay!!  Spring has finally arrived and that means warmer weather, going for walks to the park, and getting in the garden!

I already have my onions in the ground and the garlic has been up for several weeks.  I even found my lone strawberry plant growing.   My mini rose bush is producing the most beautiful spring leaves.  But the most exciting thing about the garden this year is that Punkin is showing interest in helping.  So I let him help plant radish seeds in a container last week.  The other day I noticed the radishes coming up and asked Punkin what it was, and he exclaimed “A green thing!”  He doesn’t understand what that green thing will become but I think he’ll be so happy to see it grow into something he can eat.

Because of a temperature drop the past two days, we haven’t been outside.  But this weekend we’ll get our sugar snap peas, lettuce, spinach, and more onions in the ground.  This is my sixth year having a veggie garden and I still get excited to see that first bit of green coming up.  I’ve run out of words for now.  Let me know if you plan to have a garden this year!